If cremation is the best choice for your family, Hutchens Funeral Homes will create the most meaningful traditional or contemporary service for you, with access to all the options you need to make your loved one’s farewell special, including a viewing, burial, service, or reception. We can even arrange for a viewing prior to cremation.


In some ways, cremation may offer your family more unique options than traditional burial, such as a special scattering ceremony or interment in a mausoleum. We also have a full selection of quality urns, containers, and keepsakes you can choose from.


Unlike many funeral homes, we own and operate our own private crematory. This will offer you great comfort, because you can know once you entrust your loved one to us, they never leave our care. We supervise the entire cremation, ensuring the integrity of the process.

If you choose cremation, we can offer you the use of our Cremation Ark, a unique and beautiful display piece and carrier for a cremation urn, which can be used during memorial services at the funeral home, or transported to church or the graveside in our Cadillac SRX.

Cremation with Confidence Guarantee™